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The Universe is a Friendly Place

Yes I hear you say.. not always.. and you would be right.  But tonight as I came home to my room in Hubli, this was really true for me.  I had been for my first acupuncture treatment – since my last series back in October.

Dr Anand Varma.. what a gem he is.. I wrote of him before .. when I just found him.. and I am back now after such a great result with my knees.. this time I am offering him my cranky neck to have a go at!!  He can stick all the acupuncture needles he likes into me.. I fully trust his long experience and his steady hands.

Today I walked into the clinic and each and every one of the staff welcomed me with big smiles and open hearts.  I felt like a special guest.. I think everyone who goes there gets the special guest treatment ..

I sat down next to a young girl who seems to have cerebral palsy..there with her mother – she is about 12 years old – can’t walk very well but her smile breaks open the heart.  She is in my group.. that is the ones who are scheduled for the 6pm session.  Then after some time on the hard waiting room bench, we were called upstairs.  She and I shared the same cubicle.  The over head fan was on .. as I climbed up onto the high bench and settled in.. waiting for the needles.  Hari Krishna Hari Rama played – over and over the mesmerising chant.. and I was transported.

Finally Dr Varma arrived – replete with new smart phone and all my details and my charts on it to be consulted there and then.  He proudly told me his son advised him on the best way to get set up .. and its working very well.  I joked.. ha I can’t lie to you any more.. its all there at your fingertips.

And so the needles went in.. Hari Krishna continued to play – and I lay back and relaxed.

Half and hour later the nurse came and freed me and my new friend, the young girl on the bench next to me.  I floated out.  And wandered up the laneway in the gathering dusk to find myself an ‘auto’ (rickshaw) – there he was .. and as I started to tell the driver where I wanted to go he cut me off laughing and with a stream of Kannada that I only guessed at – I realised he was the same man who brought me on Friday for my first appointment.

I relaxed in the back of the auto.. feeling safe, feeling cared for, feeling blessed.  This Universe I am in right now .. feels like such a friendly place.  I am incredibly lucky. And I know so many are not .. but for now I simply feel very grateful that I am surrounded by friendly people – I am cared for and I am loved.


Why Wiggling Your Toes Lowers Stress

I was lying on the theatre table all draped in green sheets, about to have cataract surgery with only local anesthetic drops to numb my left eye.  Stressed – yes you could say that.  Body in high alert – no real idea how this is going to feel or affect my vision – friends (?) told me of a relative who apparently moved too much during the procedure and was blind afterwards.  Mmmm..’ thanks friend.. just not exactly what I wanted to hear.’  But it sure did make me want to stay still.

The light was the worst – ‘Look at the light’ my surgeon said… but that in itself was painful and blinding me.

So I started wiggling my toes.

“She’s in pain she is moving:” I heard the anaesthetist say – “No no.. I am just wriggling my toes. I don’t have pain, its a trick my sister taught me.  She said you can’t hold your breath and wiggle your toes – you have to breathe and putting your attention on your toes takes the focus off being nervous.”


She was right.  It works.  I relaxed into the light and the discomfort and the not knowingness of what was happening.  In hindsight I could have watched a YouTube of the procedure before but perhaps it was better not to know!

There is nothing like an eye operation to place you squarely in the present moment!

Knowing that the outcome was largely up to me, I took care to choose a good surgeoun from the outset. Then considered my attitude about it all.  Trust – a big factor.  I am convinced that I have much more to do here on this earth, so being blinded in one eye wouldn’t really fit into my grand plan!

The preparations were easy really – remembering to breathe and being unconcerned as the pre-op drops enlarged my left pupil to almost fill the iris.

Now as I sit in retrospect in the waiting room … waiting to feel enoigh ooomph to head out into the intensity of the Mumbai traffic I realise as I write this that already only half and hour has passed and my left eyesight is already better.

Finally I choose to leave – today I am fortunate – I find a taxi quite quickly and he is a good driver and one who doesn’t even begin to quibble about whether or not to use the meter.  I sit back in the heat of the day .. choosing to keep the window somewhat up so as not to sit in the wind – and wait out the drive back to my friend’s house one hour away.

Mumbai traffic

Thanks to Sahaja my sister for the wiggling the toes trick, thanks to Leena Doshi the surgeon for her steady hands and thanks to Maya Shahani my dear friend for her hospitality when I really needed it.

Vaccine Zombie

Mike Adams the Health Ranger has really hit it with this rap song.. worth a look .. with some excellent messages we need to hear.

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A World of Love – Happiness

Bruce Lipton Phd said:

“When the brain sees a world of love, it releases happy chemicals.  These translate into chemistry that controls the health of the cell.”

If you don’t know who Bruce Lipton is you are excused but I highly recommend that you check him out as he is one of the most brilliant thinkers and writers of our time.   He has turned the erroneous supposition that genes control our lives, on its head.

His books – Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here and The Biology of Belief: Unleasing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles are excellent.

I really want to bring to your attention to the above statement..

What does this mean for you and me – practically, day to day?

It means that if I survey the world from a position of friendliness and the spirit of of Kindness (Sylvia Marina) with an intention to step up and do my work and my play from the point of view of love – then that in itself has a profound effect on my health.

As Bruce already does this so well, I have no desire here to explain the biochemistry of how this effect actually occurs,  – but I clearly wish to bring it to your attention so that you have yet another reason to shift your focus and move effectively into the light of the world.

Einstein said – “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”

Okay this is quite a statement so let’s see if we can deconstruct this a little to help each of us really get what he was saying.

It is that the environment, the energy field in which we are all bathed, has a profound effect on the individual or at the smallest level on each particle of our being.  Referring once again to Bruce Lipton – he gives an example of the effect of a magnet on iron filings on a sheet of paper held above the magnet.  The magnetic field effects the movement of the filings.  However if those filings are cemented into a coherent state – they become a solid iron bar.. which can then be magnetised.  Then this coherent force will effect the field.

What am I on about…. you may ask?

Well simply this… if we as human beings become connected, become coherent in our intent and join in community, we can change the field of the earth.  We can make a difference, but only as a connected humanity – only as a wholeness and a oneness.  It is the time to connect.

In the words of the master wordsmith and conductor of social artistry Jean Houston:

“Now is the time and we are the people.”

First Do No Harm

I was a straight laced, medically oriented, relatively tunnel vision Occupational Therapist. Ready to shoot down anyone who suggested anything out of my belief system patterns. Until my husband – almost ready to die, was healed by a Balinese shaman.

My husband – then suffering from severe recurrent pancreatitis – was told clearly by the medical profession that his days were numbered and they had no further answers for him and his incurable condition.

Balinese Healer

The Balinese healer, after sleeping in the family temple in order to dream the method of healing for my husband,used only his hands – and massaged my husband’s body with some hot yellow paste. After two weeks he proclaimed him healed and he was.

That catapulted me out of my comfortable reality and into a journey which has no end in sight.

It moved me to be aware that there is much more to this world than meets our eyes. To realise that healing has many different shades and colours and that scientific studies and rationale is not necessarily always right or even in fact useful.

My husband (now my ex) is still alive today more than 30 years later.

“Scientific?” –  (using the criteria we consider to be fit and acceptable in our Western mentality) this was no where near it!.  “Placebo?” – well if it was I certanly didn’t care.. my husband was healed.

Western Medicine is struggling with the load of chronic disease – and in their struggle they are having the tendency to kick out against anything they don’t really understand.. there are many good healers in the firing line for speaking out and walking their truth.

Hippocrates famous advice more than 2000 years ago was “First do no harm”.

In our more than 34 years (combined) of practice – neither Sahaja Springer – kinesiologist and facilitator of magic – nor myself – kinesiologist and EAV electrodermal screening practitioner (Avatar) – have ever harmed anyone.

And there are many that live healthier more balanced lives as a result of working with us. We are very happy for that, and we are always here to serve you and to assist you to live happier healthier lives.

Please look behind the smokescreens that are placed in our way every day.. look deeper to enquire what is really the truth – dig just a little and you will be amazed at what is being purposefully hidden from your view.

Scientific studies on all manner of things from ‘healthy margarine that reduces your cholesterol” to pesticides and chemicals that are ‘harmless’ and only later are revealed to be changing our gene pool (and most certainly not for the better). Drug company funded scientific studies proving that the latest and greatest wonder pill won’t kill you have been highlighted in our prestigious newspaper The Australian so simply trusting the ‘science’ may be dangerous to your health.

Some of the places to look that will give you honest clear information are the following:
The Health Ranger – great entertaining news.. sign up for his newsletter.. its well worth it.
Dr Mercola – who has an amazing array of information for health matters.

Open your eyes – open your minds, allow the information that is out there to reach you through the jungle of advertisements, mis-information and lies. Your health demands it.