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It was a pleasure and terrific learning to experience a “ Dive Deep Conversation “ with you Shazar Robinson – Many thanks for your authenticity, divine wisdom and brilliant inspiring sharing – WOW! At 62++ to get up , move countries, explore your passions, dreams and acts of service with immense TRUST, JOY , Love and Light!!!

You Shazar are a Guardian of the Light, A Blessing to So Many (children, farmers, earth workers & light workers) and a remarkable integrator of Old and New Wisdom!! Namaste and Thank you For Being an role model of someone who walks her talk with grace, elegance and authenticity!! U ROCK!!!
16 August 2016

From the 2015 Eco-Sustainability Journey to Rajasthan and beyond.

“I do thank you for giving me the very best journey I have ever enjoyed – full of interest, fun, experiences of a lifetime and best of all, loving care and companionship from a dear cousin. The memories will sustain me forever!!”
Dr Nan Broad – Dongara Western Australia.

A tribute to Shazar Robinson

Tis with a tear, that I write this wee verse, for its goodbye to my sister, that brings on this hurt, jealous I may be, for she is our treat,
and we know it’s not permanent but this feeling goes deep, her journey will take her, to her home way up high for to get back to the shelter, we know she must fly,
back to the hills where love waits her hand, this magical lady takes love to this land

laughter will follow her, where ever she roams, from the voices of small children that once were alone, from the train tracks, and shacks that dot the wide land of India,
old India once great and so grand
her footsteps now cover the earth with a treat, for water is her magic it’s her blend of unique,
her quest to bring laughter, to these people once dry, with tears of pure
amazement like rain from this sky,

our dams they will feed us, we may water the cows, with this trickle of water, that now slips on by, beds of our gardens green like oh wow, with food for our people, children no cry, thanks to our Mamsa this angel that flys that brought laughter to our paddocks
once sad and so dry.
Harley Springer

Shazar, you are such a consummate professional.  Always a pleasure working with you.

Robert Eanes
Veradyne Corporation

Wow what an amazing journey you are on great work helping these remote villages build dams for water they must be so grateful..I am very proud of you and your accomplishments.The villages must love you I love you too mmmwah

Romaine Fitzgerald.

Thank you for Making this world a better place….How beautiful, how essential for all our survival on so many different levels. …(your work)

Dorothea Hirschfelder

I first heard Shazar Robinson, speak at the Energy Medicine Conference 2006 in Noosa Qld.

I found her to be very interesting and easy to understand, when she spoke she came from a universal language that any Energy Medicine practitioner would understand.
This was extremely enlightening for me. Shazar’s approach was informative, and useful. She has a lovely bright way of presenting Energy medicine and her passion shines through.

She is an excellent speaker, and her talents should be utilized in this industry.
Yours in Health

Sandy Newton.
Alternative Health Practitioner, on 03 544 111 73
email me at sknewton@bigpond.net.au

People need someone who is passionate about delivering them real and simple solutions that produce results that are tangible, measurable and most importantly work for them as individuals.

Shazar offers that level of personal direction, advice on every aspect of your health to help you back to being balanced on all levels.

So if you are looking for a solution that is relevant for today, here and now, balanced information to help you with every aspect of your health, then look to Shazar.

Venessa Toms – CEO PhoTad Finishing and Displays East Perth.

I am delighted to have read the talk Shazar presented at the April Energy Medicine Conference in Noosa, Australia.  I believe that she has condensed the essence of the most significant aspects of healing into just a few short minutes.  It would be great if all health care practitioners gained this understanding and it would be equally great if the rest of the world also understood.

Thank you for bringing such important concepts to us in a joyous and understandable fashion.

Robert Gammal BDS   FACNEM(dent)
Founder and past president ASOMAT

After listening to Shazar’ on her CD titled  “Best Health, simple powerful choices to live life to the full”, I was compelled to buy another 6 copies to pass on to my friends.

We should be teaching this stuff in schools, workplaces and the home. I have now listened to her CD with my wife and children (even though my children are still very young) and as a family we have changed our diets and attitudes to health.

Andy Buchanan-Hughes
Sales Manager
Priority Management
T 08 9315 1044
F 08 9315 1066

Thank you for your commitment to making the 1st Integrated Energy Medicine Conference such a great success.  All of us here at Energy, Health and Living wish to let you know how much we enjoyed your contribution to the Nossa Conference 2006.  Going through the feedback forms, we realise just how your input was both inspirational and educational and enjoyed by those who attended irregardless of the EAV system or modality that they use.  Many delegates felt your information came from the heart.

Averyll –  Energy Health & Living – www.enviroqld.com.au

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