When We Get Stuck…

Life is so good to me.  If I am quiet just for a little while, if I practice what James Altucher calls the Daily Practice, even partially, if I allow myself to receive the messages that are available to me – then I can move on.

There are times when I guess we all feel a little or a lot ‘stuck’. In that place where nothing seems to be moving and no progress is appearing.  For me, I tend to try to push through – my mind says .. “You have to be doing something – you have to be accomplishing something. Nothing is happening.  What are you doing? Where are you going? What is your next project?”

Aaargh…. I feel so stuck.

Then I start to look around for advice – for someone else to tell me what to do.  Yeah great idea Shazar! As if others know what you should be doing to move yourself into a more productive state of mind.  Or rather to discover within yourself that state of joy.

Because all that is really needed – is to move into a space where joy can be allowed and can flow.  What I DO on a daily basis.. is that really what is important?

No – what is much more important is what I am BEING.

For ‘being’ is what it is all really about.  When I am joyful – who cares what I am doing?  For that joy can spread and grow from such a small seed.

And from that empty space in which joy arises, can come also the inspiration and the step forward into a world of wonder and creativity and ultimately productivity.

But the productivity does not come first.  There lies the error.

Today – I have been in that place of ‘stuck’ – its easy for this Piscean nature of mine.. “oh dear which way should I swim?” and I was shown again the wonderful tool called “Ho’oponopono” – a simple and effective means of clearing the slate –  the link will give you the full process  – and do watch the video – but here it is in brief:

Whatever is niggling at you – whoever you are tussling with in your mind, – and your own struggles with your self.. place them there in your consciousness and use this technique.

1. I am sorry  (to the person, to yourself, or the situation)
2. Please forgive me (as above)
3. Thank you (as above)
4. I love you (as above – and really feel it as you say it.)

Repeat as needed – and breathe new life into your day.

Thanks to all that conspired to show me the way yet again on this beautiful day on Planet Earth.

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