Its a Story

Its a story – actually its all a story.  I just connected with the Timesquatters on Twitter – and went to read a blog post by a young man called Ben.  It was a good post – I kept reading till the end – and then I looked to make a comment – to say how I felt for him in his world – but the comment was somehow disabled – so I hunted a little further.

Oh .. ah ha.. this blog is a story.  A fiction – an invention – a tale from four authors – first I felt a little dismayed.. I had been taken in. But had I?

What is fiction? What is fact? When we become involved in our lives and our happenings on a day to day basis.. is it not ultimately a ‘story’?  A story told from within our heads.. a fiction invented by the screen of our minds, the belief systems we hold to be true within our personal reality?

When we step outside of our intimate connection to the tale we are currently telling – it all looks a little different.  The colour changes, the texture shifts a little and suddenly all seems just that bit less emotional – less dramatic, less personal.

Timesquatters – telling it like it is.  In their own world of fiction.

Shazar Robinson telling it like it is – in her own world of fiction.

It is good to stand back and view my world in this light sometimes.  It is good to take that distance and become aware that the ‘story’ is never quite the reality – and when the ‘story’ reveals itself as such – we can all move on and leave behind the disturbance in the reality field.

This way we can move closer to the kernel of our lives.

Please ‘see’ me – and I shall do my best to ‘see’ you too.

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