Asking for Help

So often we go through life thinking we have to do it tough.. it is only us.. no-one there to help out.. have to do it all ourselves.

I don’t know about you.. but this is something I can really relate to.  But guess what .. it doesn’t have to be so hard.

The hard part actually could just be as simple as letting go and asking.  That’s the tough bit – admitting that you can’t do it alone, admitting that there may be assistance waiting for you.. just at your arm’s length.

The Indian indigenous people of the Americas.. say the field of plenty is lying just there at the tips of your fingers as you reach to the heavens.

What is this field of plenty?  Is it the riches overflowing.. the abundance that gives you yachts and fast cars and travel to exotic places, or is it simply that which supports you in living a whole and balanced life.. connected to the universal principles that say when you are genuinely in need of assistance and ask for that to be given .. if you step aside from your egoic mind that says: “I have to do it .. no-one is there for me”.. and simply request assistance .. that the gates can open and the flow can begin to cascade …

In the past couple of days I began to ask.  In my meditation in the morning – as I sit and my mind rushes from one silly topic to another .. and does its best to divert me from the focus on the breath.. or the connection to the whole, in glimpses I have asked for assistance.  Stepped aside from the need to control.. to do it all myself.. and simply asked for that which seemed beyond me to create.

And guess what? .. it has been given.  It has been ushered into my reality .. gently, subtly, and clearly ariving on my doorstep.

And all that is left for me to do is to bow in gratitude.

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