Universal Messages Come in Ordinary Ways

I just got back from the Dreamcatchers Cruise.  Phew.. what a wonderful extraordinary trip this has been – sharing wth exceptional people from all over the world.  I will tell you more of this in the coming days and share insights that I have been privileged to receive.

But for now.. this is simply a snippet to reinforce the message of trusting in the Universal knowing.

I am home.. back in my home office – at Best Health – looking around me and feeling somewhat daunted by the amount of ‘stuff’ I see around me.  The collection of years of working and living – and building up the clutter of the Western way of life.

Starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it all and sensing strongly the need to shift and move into a higher gear.

I went to the kitchen to make a light lunch and my eyes fell on the local Herald newspaper – suddenly I had a knowing that inside that paper would be a message for me –  I sat to open it.. and as I opened it – not even starting yet to read it, out fell a postcard onto the bench.

It showed a beautiful picture on it of the sun rays shining up behind a cloud.. and the header on it said..

“See the invisible! Do the impossible! Believe in miracles!”

Author Unknown.

And at the foot of the picture the words..


I was stunned and then curious – “What was the advertisement for?”  I turned it over almost not believing what I was seeing – and there it was..  Acton Real Estate on the other side.

What did that message have to do with real estate?  Well I guess it didn’t .. it was simply a message for me from God!

I breathed a huge sigh of relief – I don’t have to do it all.. yes I have to be the hand of God if I may use that term to describe the higher power – the higher power that is us – but I can “let go and let God” .. and I can allow myself to truly do that now.  Thank you.

Thank you Acton Real Estate!!  Thank you Mike Handcock of the DreamCatchers Dave Rogers – coach Extraordinaire.. Glen Levy – the most dangerous wonderful man on the planet – Don Tolman – a health guru beyond excellence, Maya Shahani – Sage Foundation and a profound thank you to all the divine beings who played with us on the DreamCatchers Cruise!!

One thought on “Universal Messages Come in Ordinary Ways

  1. Another reminder that we have to be present in the moment to receive the messages. I’m going to open my local newspaper with more care next time.
    Once you left I realised I wanted to be there too. Julia

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