The time to move…

small bird waiting to move When it is time to move on in your life, it is not always an easy thing to do.  Ties are there, connections are there – a feeling of leaving family behind – especially when the life has been intense and committed and full of heart.  But even in that circumstance there are occasions when it is known that it is the time to move.

And even the time to move may not have a clear destination in front of it.. it may not have a shape yet – a place even – it is at this time just a feeling – a knowing that movement is needed.

picture of skyline in Cambodia

I have done just that and left my dearly beloved Indian family behind me – and flown to Cambodia – a new city – new country, different food, strange sounds, smells and places.  To wait and watch and do just what is arising under my nose for now.

Today I have been here a week – and today I was fortunate to be sent some words from my spiritual Master Osho that resonated so beautifully for me to assist me to simply appreciate where I am and the waiting and watching time:

Osho is talking to his friend Shambhu Babu who asks him:

“What are you going to do? – because I don’t think that you can remain in the university as a professor for long.”

Osho said, “Shambhu Babu, I never plan. If I drop out of this work I hope some other work will be there waiting for me. If God can find work for all kinds of people, animals, trees, I think He will be able to find some kind of work for me too. And if he cannot find any it is his problem, not mine.”

He laughed and said, “Yes, that is perfectly right. Yes, it is His problem if He is there, but the point is: if He is not there, then what?”

Osho said, “I don’t see any problem for me then either. If there is no work I can take a deep breath and say goodbye to existence. It is enough proof that I am not needed. And if I am not needed then I am not going to impose myself on this poor existence.”

I was delighted to read this – my mind had been nagging at me to create goals – to make a plan – to visualise myself in my next place – to do all of the things that my old world of ‘business management’ and ‘creating my own reality’ had taught me.

No – stop – don’t plan – do what is under your nose – the Universe has its own plan for you Shazar – it is simply the time to be available and to watch the signs.  Thank you again Osho for your timely assistance!!

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