The Music of Remembrance

The Mother under my feet wherever I may walk.  She is first – she supports me and holds me and feeds me.   What other path is possible but only to open my hands and my heart and to pour back the blessings upon her in whatever way I can.

For she is my Mother.

The ground that I walk may be strewn with the garbage of her people – those who do not yet see, who have forgotten they spit into the face of their Mother as they cover her breast with the ugliness of their life’s discards.

Is there a blame? No just a sleeping, a forgetting – so what of my job?

It is first to awaken myself and then to share the beauty and the pain of that awakening with my brothers and sisters who walk beside me on this stupendously magnificent Earth.

We the caretakers, forgot our purpose, the caretakers became misled, we lost our pathway and walked a highway of greed and self centred madness.

Play the music of remembrance today, sing the song of awakening, bring the instruments of delight out of their locked and velvet lined cases to stream the song of remembrance to those who sleep on into their nightmare of the loss of their Mother.

She will prevail
She will not fail
but her children, her caretakers?

It is time past time to awaken,
for our lives, for the love of our Beloved
Our Mother
Our Earth.


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