Synchronicity in 2011

The Coming Times Are Here..

Two days ago my housemate gave a week’s notice that she was leaving.  And although I am getting ready to leave myself at the end of February, I was understandably going to miss the weekly rent she gave me.

So yesterday I began thinking fairly casually about putting an notice on a chat site I belong to – for a suitable person to move into a short term fully equipped space.

I didn’t do it. I simply thought about it in some detail.

Two hours later my phone rang.  It was a friend – who chatted to me briefly about our New Year experiences and then asked..

“Do you happen to know where I might find a suitable place to stay for a couple of months as I am not comfortable where I am?”

Well yes I do!

If this is the speed with which we can manifest in this time – then it is imperative to be aware of what we are wishing for!

We have been told by many mystics and have been given many predictions that the power of the intuition and the manifestation of our thoughts will increase markedly in the coming times.

The coming times are here..

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