On Country – off grid

On Country
One word – connected

What privilege to take three days out and go bush with a revered aboriginal elder – Uncle Noel Nannup.  To see through the eyes of one so connected.  The signs are everywhere but we have been blind.

Morning Moss

We walk through the bush – here the scratchings of a small animal

Here mounds left by a burrowing creature now extinct but still the signs of where they lived  including the story of how the people prepared the area so they could easily catch them as they were prized for food.  The special shaped stone – good for tying the snare.  The Minarritchie tree planted because its roots were long and stringy and perfect for making the twine for the snare.  These things still here, still showing the history.

The footprint of Waitch (emu) on the hillside at York – signs from the Dreamtime story of creation of this area.

Women’s business – softly, respecting, treading lightly – awe raining down on me – cloaking me in gratitude for the moment of sight.

GIving away pride, rubbing it into the earth – sweeping the love over the negative stamping it into the ground.

I have been gifted with solitutude, with space – with ancient connection to the peace inside.

The quiet seeps into my soul spreading deeply blowing the debris of unimportant things away with the wind.

morning frost


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