My Big Commitment

I suck at writing. Not the actual words.. but the act of sitting down to do it. I want to be good at it – I want to blog every day or at the very least twice a week.. but if you look at my blog until now you will see that simply has never happened.

So why not? It looks like it has never a big enough priority.
Never top of my list. There was always something else to distract myself with.

But I’ve been reading .. yeah I always do.. and sometimes I read stuff that gives me a good kick.
James Altucher – thanks James for the kick.. his great tips for being a better writer…

Write every day – it is a spiritual practice.

And yes what sense that makes.. if we drive every day and practice we can become better drivers.  If we play golf every day we improve – practice makes for better – providing we have the intention of learning.  Mistakes are very important .. if you don’t do anything and don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn anything.

So here I am writing every day. It is my new discipline and I plan to get better at it.

Writing each day and reading what others write each day .. what catches the interest – what leaves me flipping to the next page or the next blog.

So this time – is the commitment really there? Its like the commitment to get out of bed each morning to walk and then come home and meditate.  I don’t really feel it in me, but I know that each day when it is time to do just that, I have to renew my resolve all over again in the moment.

I can’t decide right now to do it and know that I will. Because it is not a mental thing.  Resolutions never worked for me.

Its simply getting up and doing it.

Can I incorporate writing into the same type of discipline?

Why not?

Nike’s “Just Do It” comes to mind.  And guess what – I just told all of you that this is what I am going to do.  Uh oh .. now I am committed.


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