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As we move through our lives, we learn in so many diverse ways.  The most beneficial and often the easiest way to learn is with a mentor, a teacher, or a person who may sometimes be called a coach.

When I was a young child my parents were my main examples to learn and copy and imitate – sometimes much to their dismay!  And for me, being brought up in the ‘bush’ that is the Australian Outback, my role models were few and far between.  The jackaroo with his high heeled riding boots (RM Williams of course) swaggering around our wide concrete verandahs was certainly my hero!  Only problem was of course .. I was a girl and my Father was not too keen on my slavish imitation of the jackaroo!

Life progressed on and teachers and mentors came and went – there are many that I still clearly recall with great fondness – those that taught me the foundations of the ethics that I have built my life on.  I have been so very fortunate with the number and quality of the people I have been privileged to learn with and model.

And now in my work I am often considered a mentor myself – I mentor those who come in the art of living – in the art of bringing joy into their lives and finding their full potential.  Does that mean that I have transcended the need for teachers and mentors myself.  Absolutely NOT!

A very special mentor of mine – Roger Hamilton – once said that when you choose a mentor, make sure that you ask to be mentored by one who is of course further on in the evolvement of their field that you are – but not necessarily one who is at the pinnacle for example.  Why not.. why not choose the mentor who is at the top of their game?

Well consider this.  One of my current coaches – mentors – is a friend and colleague – Ben Wan – Ben is great at what he does.. he is an internet marketing coach.  Is he at the absolute top of his game?  Possibly not – but he is at a level considerably more proficient than I am so learning from him is of  great benefit to me.  If Ben Wan was a supreme master at what he does, his languaging would be too advanced for me at my level to understand.  He would have to step down to my level to explain the basics – because that is the level that I am at.  As it is he is a great mentor for me in this area simply because he can understand easily what I am stuck on.

And he is great at explaining things in language that I can comprehend.

Roger says – if you ask to be mentored by the person at the peak of the game, and you are too far down the ladder, you may risk not being able to step up to the level required by the mentor, and also you may fall down on the way and block the pathway for others!

So .. I believe we all need coaches and mentors to assist us on our life journey in many different areas – and these people change as we progress through our work and life paths we choose.

Modeling those who are successful in their field can assist you greatly to move into success yourself – whether that be in the very complex and detailed field of internet marketing  (thank you Ben) or in the skills of moving into your peak physical fitness, or in my case – assistance with the evolution of  my day to day life in congruence and harmony with my work and my passion for growing into my full potential – for this I am mentored by my good friends Dave Rogers and Mike Handcock.  They come highly recommended.

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