Looking for a Home…

Who knew that a home was so important?  I forgot. Silly me.  No rush I kept saying – I am fine where I am.. its clean, comfortable and relatively cheap.

But I wasn’t feeling right – I was questioning a lot what am I doing here?  Is this the right place? Am I ‘over’ being in India? Is it time I was out of here for a while? All of that stuff and the answers kept coming through that what I am supposed to be doing is actually what I am doing right now.. otherwise why would I be here?  But still I was not relaxing into it.

Then last night I found it .. nestled into a corner of a courtyard – a low roofed round shouldered small house – well a room really – filled with dusty furniture, cobwebs strung from the ceiling.  In definite need of some white wash – but there it is.. it looks like home.   Big coconut palms shading its surrounding clean swept courtyard .. with pot plants!

Perfect – no.. but home .. yes.  Its a definite feeling – somewhere I can make my own even for a short time – somewhere I can make tea for friends and invite them in – somewhere I can tack pictures to the walls, throw some bright colours around and settle in.

What is home?  Actually its a feeling.  And I have it now.  Now I can relax and be with what I am doing here.  With thanks to all who conspired to discover this place –

This is not it.. but this place too has a feeling .. see what I mean? home

One thought on “Looking for a Home…

  1. I am so enjoying your telling of snippets of your adventures, being able to share a little of your amazing life, you take us into a different reality with deftness, heart and wisdom.

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