Living in the Heart

Asking better questions has been a mantra since my days with Roger Hamilton – and more recently in the past years with Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers – who are all masters at the skill of asking better questions.

This morning as I wrote my journal I invited my guides and helpers to assist me. I was going in circles with a lot of noise both inside and outside my head. Questioning my place here – questioning my attitudes, my work, my purpose, my seeming lack of passion and gratitude.

And as the pen began its flow across the page so too came very welcome insights.

Are they better questions.. those you are asking?

When a question only takes you in a circle, and to a place of darkness and discomfort – then seek a better question.

Ask yourself – “what was it that made your heart sing yesterday?”

“What deed did you do that made the most difference? Who’s heart did you touch to help them feel better in themselves?”

And with deep acknowledgement to the words of Thich Naht Hanh – “What sharing in your ‘sangha’ (commununity) helped to keep the boat afloat as some were carrying heavy stones in their hearts?”

When you ask these questions the focus returns to the heart and away from the head.

Live in the heart and what else you do matters very little. Live in your heart and seek to find that place at all times, remind yourself to fall into that place.

For there is the place of inspiration, of joy, and of connection to all things and all beings.

And from that place your purpose is fulfilled with no possible thought or question of:  “Am I enough?” “Is it enough that I do?”  But simply and only of connectedness to the whole where doing becomes only an extension of being and the purpose of existence simply is with nothing to ask and nowhere to go.

Out of that place, action flows and gratitude arises for the privilege of being in this body, in this place and in this time.P1410472-small

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