Photography – inspiration – and procrastination

Two years ago I was really beginning to get into water harvesting and I had my focus set on making a documentary about the subject. This way I thought I could raise awareness and funds for the projects I was supporting. So I invested in a really great camera.. the best I could find in a price range I could manage that would fit what I wanted to acheive.

But the best plans change – I headed back to India and there I found my direction moving.. no longer focused on creating a documentary I simply started writing and taking photos. Well frankly it was easier than learning a whole new skill of making a movie.. something I had never done in my life.

Does that usually stop me? Not necessarily I am pretty able to get into stuff I never did before but this time making a movie just felt a wee bit over the top for me.

So with a sigh of relief underneath it all, I chose to move into a different direction.
The legacy of that is I have an excellent and beautiful camera – but I have to say, a half hearted attempt ar being a good photographer!

“Learning Shazar learning”… it comes around to bite me each and every day… things I need to learn – Hindi, photography, css, that new app I just got, iphone photograpy, sketch app, Hindi again, and on top of all that – how to wend my way through the intricacies of Indian political speak and rules and regulations to help my water harvesting friends.

Now back in Australia – for my winter break – and so many things get in the way – Writers Group, walks in the park, cooking, sleeping in, meeting friends for coffee, the Hilton Bowling Club and dancing on Friday nights, movies, sitting around in the winter sunshine, more cooking, wandering around the shops, playing.

Learning?.. oh where did that get to?
And the time is creeping up till I head back to India in early August – and still I procrastinate over my Hindi lessons!

Its an interesting thing seeking the aspects of procrastination and its offshoot – that of berating myself for ‘not doing’ – ah to simply relax and accept the day to day flow – and allow the understanding that I am in the right place and the right time and that its ok not to get everything done on my list.

One thing at a time – the cake smells good, the dinner is cooked, the family gathers. And that beautiful sun rises each and every day. I shall simply have to communicate the way I do best – with a smile.

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