Intentions Awry in India

All good intentions to blog yesterday went completely awry-  two subjects arose in my meditation in the morning – Finding My Inner Voice and The Qualities of Patience.  Great topics for a blog.  But all good intentions can come to naught in the face of 123 children and the demands of the day.  Including a visit from a Facebook friend who was travelling India and dropped in.

With an epidemic of conjunctivitis sweeping the Shelter just now..  the cries of ‘drops – dora’ – (eyes) are a part of the daily routine until we get it done.

And yesterday also was Dussera Day – a day of celebration and socialising.  So my quiet time disaapeared and by last night I was somewhat stretched to say the least.

In these times it only takes a small trigger to push my emotions over the edge.  And this  evening as most times, was a simple one.. I went to light some incense – only to find that my favourite new pack of sandalwood incense had been all used for the many blessings of Dussera Day  .. and the real trigger – nobody asked me before they whisked it away.

Waaaaahhhhh !

I feel sometimes like such a drama queen.  In Australia tears come rarely – life is obviously more even and calm in many ways.. here.. the chaos and noise and constant demands – even if just a simple one.. like hello Mam!

And now as I allow myself space – sit at my computer – looking out the window at the green fields and the swallows swoop by – and I listen to Riley Lee and the Shakuhachi – I can breathe and remember that this I have chosen – this is my life and my learning – the seeking of balance within the chaos, the quest to discover that place within myself that is of the harmony between the love, the wisdom and the power.

As Barry Brailsford counsels me this morning:

When obstacles beset your way
Overcome rather than conquer

Walk above instead of under
Step around rather than through

Embrace love, wisdom and power
To walk to path of truth