India – the journey

India has almost swallowed me whole!  I have neglected my blog and been absorbed totally in the sights sounds colours smells and vastness of this land.  It is vast in a completely other way to Australia – vast in the sense of the massive population, the expanse of mind stretching experiences and .. and.. and….

Where shall I begin to tell you of my own expansion here?

Let’s start with a small story, but a story which has brought tears to my eyes and has once again shown me that Existence, God, the Universe .. whatever it is you would like to call it.. is just there at the tips of our fingers when we stretch to embrace it.

It’s morning here in India – I am very fortunate, I am in a comfortable and beautiful place, the home of my friend Nandini – (you will hear more of her and her work soon) and a visitor arrived to our door.  A gentleman aged 78 years. who is in his words gainfully employed and even busier since his retirement.  He is passionate about organic farming – and is organising a cooperative of farmers and helping them with the marketing of their organic produce.  That may sound insignificant given the degree of acceptance of organics in places like Australia – but here it is in its infancy.

We shared some thoughts, and talked a bit – I asked him if he would act as advisor to our garden project at the new Orphanage site – and then just at the end, he asked me.. do you know anyone who does biodynamics.. the links are made .. One Man One Cow One Planet – Peter Proctor – here in India to help the farmers revive and restore their land after the disastrous Green Revolution speaheaded by Monsanto.

The web of the network spreads, I can’t tell you how this made me feel.. it was like I am acting as a node in a huge interconnectedness .. a maven or a linchpin if you like to borrow from Seth Godin’s terms.  The node is small, the node is insignificant on its own and cannot act on its own, but given the connections, given the inner space to allow the flow to move through it, it can facilitate the connection to the greater whole and can allow the spark to travel fast around the network, joining , connecting, flowing and allowing.

I stood completely humbled by this seemingly small experience, and experience that showed me so clearly that being right here right now is the perfect place for me.  and letting go into the flow of existence is all that is needed now and always.

And now the day after I wrote that story above, I have the news from home that my rented house has been put on the market!!  I am asked to move by end of February.. just the time when I was planning to bring the first of the ‘voluntourism’ trips to India.. and not only that.. Maya Shahani of the Sage Foundation has invited me to come and work here with Nandini and herself!  I almost feel as though I am in a roller coaster – it is of my own making, as I put my hand up but it has picked me up and has barrelled me along with it.. who is in control any more?  Me? or have I simply offered, and been accepted for a role which is once more way more expansive than that which I ever imagined?

I can only laugh and stand in awe at the way the world is turning around me and rearranging itself to suit the current pictures of reality which are evolving as I write.

2 thoughts on “India – the journey

  1. I came to your website by chance. A very dear friend gifted me the Peter Proctor DVD and since then I have started my journey…not reached quite where I would like to be. I am curious to know what exactly are you doing in India.

  2. Hi Dee, great to meet you here. Please have a look at my other site – it will give you lots of info on my India adventure… and will also give you a latest update on the aspect of Biodynamics. We are doing a volunteer tourism journey in late October.. perhaps you might like to join us.. we will most certainly be doing some work in the garden on that trip…
    check out our latest post here..
    Shazar recently posted..Biodynamic Gardening

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