I am so lucky

My last post was the pits.  Sounded a bit like a lament.. or perhaps just a fact I guess.. that’s my brain .. I can be a worrier.

But as I walked this morning – the sun peeking over the edge of the earth – the air fresh and crispy – my body feeling a little more alive from yoga last night – mmm stiff in patches – but the fast pace shaking it all out of me – so too the worries were gone.

P1470098-smallAnd the luckiness poured down .. and flowed around me – and as my day progressed so to did the feeling of being incredibly fortunate.  Mostly its just the little things that show me I am blessed.

Like how is this..

A couple of years ago I decided I didn’t need ot keep a car any more.  Well when you are out of the country for more than half the year who needs it?  But I was pretty attached to having wheels.. Perth is not the easiest place to get around unless unlike me you are athletic and get ‘onya bike!’

But this time when I came home from India – I have been in the most fortunate position of having a car on loan every day bar one.  The cars just drove into my life as I needed them.  Four months of constant transport – some of it quite luxurious!

Then yesterday .. I needed to borrow a laptop for 3 weeks.. within 2 hours three had been offered. (Thanks Facebook Friends!)

So when I worry and stay awake at night and think I shall never manage to get everything done or I won’t have ‘enough’ – whatever that is? .. all of these small events that add up to an incredibly fortunate life come to tell me – ‘I am cared for – I am loved – I am supported – and abundance surrounds me. Gratitude is the key.

So tonight it is thank you
Thank you for the sunset
thank you for the moon
the beach and the ocean
thank you for the joy
thank you for my sisters
thank you for all the happy dogs I meet
thank you for the air I breathe
thank you for my healthy body
thank you for the children
and all the blessings of water
thank you for each and every gift I receive
each and every day
and thank you too for the sleepless night
that makes the contrast of the light.



One thought on “I am so lucky

  1. Glad you’re back in balance, look forward to next week, and I’ll miss you while you’re away.

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