Creative Cake Making 101

I have decided that I suck at making cakes.  But I keep trying.  What I produced yesterday looks fab.  But taste.. nah sorry failed the really yummy taste test.

Raw cakes are a different story.. I can do them pretty well.. but I know what the problem is – I am just simply a “try it and see” cake maker.. and sometimes “try it and see” method doesn’t quite hit the spot.  Now if you are making soup.. that’s a whole different story.  But a cake has a formula that must be followed it seems and if instead of caster sugar you put coconut sugar – something doesn’t quite work.
My attempt at a lime and almond meal flourless cake sounded great.. looked pretty amazing but taste. Nope.. there was a back flavour of bitter lime – combined with a hint (mm fairly big hint) of burnt taste – I figured “no I had not left it too long in the oven” – something I have been known to do before – but I think it was due to the coconut sugar – that itself was too dark and way back at the beginning of its life somewhere in Java Indonesia – whoever was stirring that pot, left it just a little too long on the fire.

limecakeWell smothered in enough cream the lime cake I am sure will be eaten all up.  But a super hit – no – this one was a little like my lotto tickets of late – “Sorry not a winner!”

Now soup.. that is definitely another story..  I seem to be able to throw many different possibilities into the pot with a soup – and it comes out the other end with that gusto of flavour that makes you go.. YUMMMMMM….

Perhaps its time I gave up on the creative cake making journey and left that to the German friends who seem to produce the most stunning forays into cake heaven.

Hey come over for soup sometime.. and if you would like bring cake.. feel free –

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