After the storm

Storm clouds gathered, the winds picked up and then the rains battered the windows of my soul.  Release came with the emotional rains – an outpouring that was delivered to those I felt may hear me.  And they did.. and the energy began to reverse and flow back toward me …

This week has been a special one for me.  I found a place in myself where I could no longer hold back and allowed myself to say what was in my heart and in the pain that I was going through.  The results for me have been almost overwhelming.  I felt from so many, so much support care and love .. it affirmed deeply my being.. not only what I am doing but also who I am here.  It affirmed that whatever I do .. on whatever track I place my feet that when I am true in myself .. open and honest – I have friends in many corners of the world.

Some were able to give support in a financial way – that was so very welcome – some wrote heartfelt notes to me – and some simply sent me energy in a way I could feel without any actual connection.  The wave of energy lifted me up – and sent a fire through my actions.

Everything shifted direction and moved.

As a result – our water supply is back on track at the kids shelter, we f inally have built the incinerator for the rubbish and to make hot water.

the incinerator

Some contractors  we owed money to were repaid, some staff received some welcome back pay – we have new taps, we have a good pump, and now we have also a repaired borewell pump.  I can go on with all the things that have been done and started and actioned this week.. but just really need to say that the floodgates opened and everything shifted.  One of our supporters has even started a CrowdFunder for the Shelter and our work here.. this is the  link  if you would like to help out.

So thanks to you my friends.  You cannot really imagine how special this week has been to me.. feeling your love across the winds .. and knowing that people care about me and us!

Oh and my mind isn’t turning on at 4 in the morning any more!  YES!


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