10 Ideas to Help You Write

1. Join a writing group
2. Create a specific time each day to write and do it
3. Free write poetry at least once a day
4.  Invest in a favourite writing pen or pencil – mine is a mechanical soft lead pencil.
5. Take a photo and write a creative story around the photo.  Allow the flow to happen
6. Write about your favourite food – how to cook it – or how to eat an artichoke
7. Each day write about an experience you had on a journey
8. Take an emotion a day and write about that
9. Write an article, a blog post, a book all about – “insert your speciality here”.
10. Make a map of the book that you dream of writing.


Here is my poem for today:

A Day in May – Swimming

today the beach
the month of May and yet so warm
“oh no too cold.. oh oh” .. drama and play edging in to the wave
and at last the leap – into the sparkling joy of the salt salt sea
that tingles the soul and delights the being

and running home – the song escapes
a light step – a lighter soul
washed in the joy of the light light sea
gratitude overflowing me.

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