Rainy Season Stir Crazy!!

The rainy season is so beautiful.  True.  The waterfalls are barrelling down the hillsides, the valley is an intense green – the frogs call – the crickets are in a competition with them to make the loudest sounds.

But then there is the other side of this time of renewal and soaking rains.  The dampness that never leaves.  Clothes that take days to dry and when they are finally in a semblance of ‘dryness’ the distinct smell of mold is a constant companion.


And the emotions that rise – not being able to easily move around without getting wet – brings a sense of frustration with it.. a sense of “will I ever be able to get anything done again?” – “Am I really here for this.. to sit and mark time – to do nothing day in day out?” – this for one such as me who is a great ‘doer’ is a big lesson in patience, in being able to wait for the sun to come out!  Completely out of control.  For how do you control the weather?!

So I resort to all the small things I can control in this world – such as keeping the bathroom floor relatively dry – using the ‘wiper’ which keeps disappearing in the hands of small children who love to ‘wipe’ the concrete floors – that are continually flooded with rain.

Making a cup of Earl Grey tea carefully brought from Australia – folding my clothes and checking that they are not developing that grey film that spells mold in my cupboard. Uh oh – my favourite leather jacket has just gone grey!

And the past days thanking my Kindle and the fact that it has an unread copy of the volumes of Game of Thrones – my Kindle that can be read in the dark – even when the electricity is cut and all else is plunged into darkness.

Patience – that seems to be the most powerful need at this time – and a sense that this too will pass.  The emotions, the frustrations, and the seemingly never ending rains!

See you on the other side!