The Water Goddess of Our Spring

Picture of our spring waters

I was so fortunate today… I met the Goddess of our Spring.

After the work time a few of the children and our wonderful teacher Satish Mankar and I headed down to the spring to cool off.  We had been weeding and mulching our fruit trees and were all hot and sticky.  The new pump was busy pumping water to our house and little boys all stripped off and started playing in the down stream from the pond.  Satish splashed and played and got soaked and then turned on us with his splashing games.. before you know it almost everyone was in the game and the pumping pond was rapidly churned up.  I turned off the pump as they lept around in the water.

Finally everyone calmed down and headed back to the house leaving me in peace and quiet. But I was not alone.  The music of the water – cavorting down the rocks, swirling in energy whorls and sparkling down the crevices… brought me to peace inside.  As the peace grew, her presence became tangible.. she was there.. and I felt her joy at the sharing of the laughter of the children – and her deep gratitude for the respect we are offering her .. just as she in turn, offers to us the bountiful and deeply energised waters of the Mother Earth.

These days there are no papers, or soap wrappers, no chunks of plastic floating in her waters.. all is pristine, clear, clean .. respect shown – and her gifts are given in abundance in return.  We thank you dear Water Goddess – for your overwhelming gift that keeps our boys here at Shikshan Gram alive, clean well and happy.

What generosity our Mother Earth shows us.. my heart overflows.

picture of ferns at our spring

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