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Moving Through Change with Elegance

This past couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster..

Our business Best Health – which I have run together with my sister and best friend Sahaja Springer for 18 years is evolving and changing. Sahaja is moving on to new and creative fields – associated with her work with Jean Houston and Social Artistry – stay posted for more updates on that!

I have debated long and hard about what to do with Best Health.  And with some help from my good friends and mentors, I am choosing to continue with the work here – to allow it flow into different streams and evolve in a new way.

It is spring time in this new phase of Best Health and in this stage it is the time of re-creation – the time to re-vision and to make new.

If you were to ask me what I see right now in the new evolution I can only say that I am choosing to release the hold on Best Health and open it to become a bigger umbrella that will shelter new enterprise below it .. as well as encourage and diversify the existing work in which we are already involved.

I am going to India next month for three weeks. There I intend to allow the Universe to show me new ways of being – I know that the soul of India is immense and to go with preconceptions to this land would be akin to Alice downing her drink and then believing Wonderland were still Kansas .. !

But I go with intention  – an intention to learn – to be open to opportunities – and to contribute in whatever way is possible to both Maya Shahani’s SAGE Foundation and the Nandini’s ophanage.

I also looking at organising future ‘Voluntourism’ trips for those who would like to come join a group on an adventure to Make A Difference.  There are structures already in put in place by Mike Handcock of Rock Your Life and Soul Journeys in New Zealand – no need to reinvent the wheel here.. I am just looking for the first hand experience so it is easy for me to promote.

And the title – with elegance – it is this quality that I would like to constantly recall as all these changes roil and bubble around me – because to be in a state of elegance implies to me to be centred, and calm with poise. Some definitions say the following –

“Elegance is the attribute of being unusually effective and simple – grace –  using the minimum and sufficient steps in any sequence to obtain the outcome intended”

To bring these qualities to the changes and the new creation must assist flow. And to be in flow is to live in grace.

Let it be!!!

And by whe way.. during this time, amongst other things – I discovered the real value of FaceBook.  I have had so much support and love come through to me on that social media that I have been totally amazed!  Thank you to my friends.

Trust and the Universe Opens

Recently I listened to Jean Houston talking on Women On the Edge of Evolution and she offered a wonderful exercise –

She said:

Make three columns on a page – on the top of the first write the heading –

What do I want from the Universe?

On the second – What does the Universe want from me?

and on the 3rd – What do we – the Universe and I want together?

It’s a great exercise – do it a few days in a row.. get a sense of what is being flowed through to you in this exercise.

Trust is the key.. it is the key to all life.

If we do not trust then nothing really works.

If we trust then everything flows – everything works.  As we look outside of ourselves and view the outside world what we are seeing really is our inner reflected back at us.

So an untrusting state of mind sees danger and concern and risk and scary things on each corner of our lives.

The trusting soul looks out and sees friends and gratitude and joy and a friendly universe ready to provide what is needed at each moment.

There is magic in every moment when we trust.  the smallest things can pop out at us and Malavali, Lonavala, Dist Pune, Indiashow us the way to opportunity – to connecting the dots which will allow us to move forward in the flow of our lives.

I have had an experience tonight in just that way.  I am leaving for India on the 4th of November – to go and spend time with some friends there who are doing great work with the less privileged people of our world.  I intend to visit with Nandini who runs an orphanage – here are her children.. 75 of them.

While eating my evening meal, I was reading a magazine – and the article included information about Stephanie Alexander who has set up and runs the Kitchen Gardens Foundation here in Australia –  a wonderful organisation that helps kids establish great gardens in their schools.

The lights went on.. the picture of the orphanage garden came in my mind and I was immediately inspired to write to Stephanie and request a link .. a way to become a sister school .. some support for Nandini’s children through the establishment of mutual gardens in other countries.  It’s just a seed.  I have sent the ‘hello’ email to Stephanie.. I will keep you posted on the outcome of this simple message that came through the connections that the Universe provides if only we have the eyes, ears and heart to receive them.

A World of Love – Happiness

Bruce Lipton Phd said:

“When the brain sees a world of love, it releases happy chemicals.  These translate into chemistry that controls the health of the cell.”

If you don’t know who Bruce Lipton is you are excused but I highly recommend that you check him out as he is one of the most brilliant thinkers and writers of our time.   He has turned the erroneous supposition that genes control our lives, on its head.

His books – Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here and The Biology of Belief: Unleasing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles are excellent.

I really want to bring to your attention to the above statement..

What does this mean for you and me – practically, day to day?

It means that if I survey the world from a position of friendliness and the spirit of of Kindness (Sylvia Marina) with an intention to step up and do my work and my play from the point of view of love – then that in itself has a profound effect on my health.

As Bruce already does this so well, I have no desire here to explain the biochemistry of how this effect actually occurs,  – but I clearly wish to bring it to your attention so that you have yet another reason to shift your focus and move effectively into the light of the world.

Einstein said – “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”

Okay this is quite a statement so let’s see if we can deconstruct this a little to help each of us really get what he was saying.

It is that the environment, the energy field in which we are all bathed, has a profound effect on the individual or at the smallest level on each particle of our being.  Referring once again to Bruce Lipton – he gives an example of the effect of a magnet on iron filings on a sheet of paper held above the magnet.  The magnetic field effects the movement of the filings.  However if those filings are cemented into a coherent state – they become a solid iron bar.. which can then be magnetised.  Then this coherent force will effect the field.

What am I on about…. you may ask?

Well simply this… if we as human beings become connected, become coherent in our intent and join in community, we can change the field of the earth.  We can make a difference, but only as a connected humanity – only as a wholeness and a oneness.  It is the time to connect.

In the words of the master wordsmith and conductor of social artistry Jean Houston:

“Now is the time and we are the people.”