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Christmas Spirit

The silly season is really upon us. So as you do the last minute rushing around, preparing the stuffing or buying the last minute goodies – keep the spirit of Christmas in your heart.

It is so easy just to get into busy mode and forget that the person on the other side of the counter or the check out is a living breathing human being – so slow down just that small amount.. realise that time is flexible and that the sharing of that extra moment to wish the other a good day and a heartfelt Merry Christmas – is a valuable gift that we can give and give and give yet again and in that giving the love in your heart moves outward.

And a circle is created – from your heart to the heart of another and back again.

Each of us has the desire to be loved and to love in return. Christmas gives us yet another opportunity to express that. To share what we would love to receive.

So from me to you – I wish you all the joy – gratitude and peace at this special time of the year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2011 be the year of the heart for us all.