The Ghosts With No Eyes

(an offering to our Writer’s Group – a short fiction and poem)

Light silvery rain drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon.
The black bird swooped in for the kill.  Grabbing in its talons the small mouse who tried to scuttle off into the field, it beat its wings strongly to lift against the added weight of its coming feast.

The mouse struggled and squeaked to no avail – dinner it was .. no more to fossick in the fields for grain.

Ghosts with no eyes forest pic

As the black bird rose higher the rain misting off its gleaming feathers, the ground receded into the dark of the winter’s evening and a shadow slipped behind the trees on the edge of the corn field.

A shadow.. barely seen in the darkening night – noiseless – almost not there.

The shadow drifted into the forest – deeper and deeper – melting into the tree trunks.  But wait.. it is joined by another – and then .. more.. a gathering of shades of grey.

Grey ghosts – the spirits of the night – joining together – beginning the dance of the wraiths.

We see them not – for they are of the night
not of our world
beyond our sight
but come they do into our land
to dance and join their ghostly hands

We see them not
they are not ours to view
those spirits of the night
come to return in the mist of the dew

What is their purpose
what is their need
this time to gather under the trees
Seeking the company of other grey mists
where are they from
to where do they go

No one knows
no one asks
no one questions
no one sees
but dance they do dance
under the trees.

and the black bird flies home bearing his prize
calling the whiles to the ghosts with no eyes.

World Environment Day

A day to honour and bless our Mother Earth.  To do good acts of loving kindness to all beings who walk on this Earth.  A day to remember the trees, remember the smallest of animals insects and organisms that support all life.  For without the infinitesimal the grand cannot exist.

Blessings on our Mother – blessings to all who walk on Her.

our new world coming


Arundhati Roy – a very favorite author of mine who tells it like it is – and writes stories that will break open your heart and bring you to a state of spiritual activism.

On this day open your heart to the breath of our Earth, the wind in the trees, the sounds of Nature that can move your heart and bring you into a deep connectedness – a place of knowing that we are all one.


Its a Story

Its a story – actually its all a story.  I just connected with the Timesquatters on Twitter – and went to read a blog post by a young man called Ben.  It was a good post – I kept reading till the end – and then I looked to make a comment – to say how I felt for him in his world – but the comment was somehow disabled – so I hunted a little further.

Oh .. ah ha.. this blog is a story.  A fiction – an invention – a tale from four authors – first I felt a little dismayed.. I had been taken in. But had I?

What is fiction? What is fact? When we become involved in our lives and our happenings on a day to day basis.. is it not ultimately a ‘story’?  A story told from within our heads.. a fiction invented by the screen of our minds, the belief systems we hold to be true within our personal reality?

When we step outside of our intimate connection to the tale we are currently telling – it all looks a little different.  The colour changes, the texture shifts a little and suddenly all seems just that bit less emotional – less dramatic, less personal.

Timesquatters – telling it like it is.  In their own world of fiction.

Shazar Robinson telling it like it is – in her own world of fiction.

It is good to stand back and view my world in this light sometimes.  It is good to take that distance and become aware that the ‘story’ is never quite the reality – and when the ‘story’ reveals itself as such – we can all move on and leave behind the disturbance in the reality field.

This way we can move closer to the kernel of our lives.

Please ‘see’ me – and I shall do my best to ‘see’ you too.

When We Get Stuck…

Life is so good to me.  If I am quiet just for a little while, if I practice what James Altucher calls the Daily Practice, even partially, if I allow myself to receive the messages that are available to me – then I can move on.

There are times when I guess we all feel a little or a lot ‘stuck’. In that place where nothing seems to be moving and no progress is appearing.  For me, I tend to try to push through – my mind says .. “You have to be doing something – you have to be accomplishing something. Nothing is happening.  What are you doing? Where are you going? What is your next project?”

Aaargh…. I feel so stuck.

Then I start to look around for advice – for someone else to tell me what to do.  Yeah great idea Shazar! As if others know what you should be doing to move yourself into a more productive state of mind.  Or rather to discover within yourself that state of joy.

Because all that is really needed – is to move into a space where joy can be allowed and can flow.  What I DO on a daily basis.. is that really what is important?

No – what is much more important is what I am BEING.

For ‘being’ is what it is all really about.  When I am joyful – who cares what I am doing?  For that joy can spread and grow from such a small seed.

And from that empty space in which joy arises, can come also the inspiration and the step forward into a world of wonder and creativity and ultimately productivity.

But the productivity does not come first.  There lies the error.

Today – I have been in that place of ‘stuck’ – its easy for this Piscean nature of mine.. “oh dear which way should I swim?” and I was shown again the wonderful tool called “Ho’oponopono” – a simple and effective means of clearing the slate –  the link will give you the full process  – and do watch the video – but here it is in brief:

Whatever is niggling at you – whoever you are tussling with in your mind, – and your own struggles with your self.. place them there in your consciousness and use this technique.

1. I am sorry  (to the person, to yourself, or the situation)
2. Please forgive me (as above)
3. Thank you (as above)
4. I love you (as above – and really feel it as you say it.)

Repeat as needed – and breathe new life into your day.

Thanks to all that conspired to show me the way yet again on this beautiful day on Planet Earth.

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Patience – a poem for Tirzada

Patience – learning in Tirzada.

Patience, relax, sit down, breathe,
it will all happen
in its own good time
western mind cool
western mind chill
western mind sink
sink into the soul
and ignore the rats of impatience gnawing at the wall

Laughter – the workers –
arriving late ..slouching in
ha – there is the mad foreigner
impatience hovering around her
ha – we will go at our good time
too hot
too heavy
too thirsty
worker head
almost stopping
standing to stare
watching each other
who will move first?
not me
not me
not me
oh perhaps I shall

ah the boss is yelling..
lets shift
a rock
a bag of cement
pick it up
help me
time for water